FLATPRO is a digital imaging system of large dimensions (up to 43 x 43 cm) in graphy mode and fluoroscopy from solid state detector.

The acquired images are saved to the disk drive of the system, displayed on a high resolution monitor and eventually sent to a diagnostic workstation (or a general archive) via DICOM network.

The system includes the specialization of acquisition parameters, process and display images as a function of both the selected anatomical part that the size of the patient.

This allows immediately correct image capture and display, avoiding subsequent improvement.

Post processing functions that allow both changes appearance of images than the manage of them are available.


The FLATPRO is a certified medical device as Image digital processing and transferring equipment for radiological use.


All Dicom service supported:

Store, Storage Commitment, Query/Retrieve, Worklist, MPPS, Print.


Post Processing Functions:

LUT Manager, Electronic Shutters, Detector Enlargement, Overview, Rotation, Vertical and Horizontal Inversion, ATH Harmonization, Spatial Filters, Zoom,DSA, second Monitor, Cineloop


Graphic Funtions:

Text, Angle, Calibration, Grid, Ruler, Black Area, Frame, Arrow, Image Statistics, Stenosis, QA, LVA


Orthopedic Measures:

Gap, Cobb’s Angle, Double Cobb’s Angle, Perpendicular Lines, Lower Limbs Measurement.



Film Editor


Orthopedic Measures


ANGIO Functions: Mask, Subtraction, Shifting Pixel, Vascular Tracing, Landmark


Quantitative Analysis

Left heart Ventriculat Angiography



Relevant Characteristics:

-Setting Save & Restore

-Based on Windows environment

-Multi Language support: any further language not available will be easily realized on demand

-The system is validated and certified CE

-Full support to a vast range of Detectors, statics and dynamics, wired and wireless

-User Interface, logos and themes, completely customizable

-Proprietary advanced processing algorithms for image quality as:

Noise Reduction, Digital Subtraction, Contrast Stretching, Edge Enhancement, Zoom and Digital Rotation

-Customizable Pre-loaded Exam profile and pre-programmed APRs,

-Backup & Restore modality

-Integrated Dicom Viewer

-Patient data can be entered manually or automatically from the Worklist

-On screen visualization of Generator data, patient data and image data

-Integrable with PACS and DICOM system compliant


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