Vetrad is a system for acquire, manage and process radiological veterinary images installable on table and portable X-Ray system.                                                                                                                                                


The Software, suitable for veterinary use with small animals and equines, can be install on Panel PC, medical certificated PC, tablet, notebook and PC.


All Dicom service supported:

Store, Storage Commitment, Query/Retrieve, Worklist, MPPS, Print.


Post Processing Functions:

LUT Manager, Electronic Shutters, Detector Enlargement, Overview, Rotation, Vertical and Horizontal Inversion, ATH Harmonization, Spatial Filters, Zoom, 1 to 1 format.


Graphic Funtions:

Text, Angle, Open Angle, Calibration, Grid, Ruler, Black Area, Frame, Arrow, Image Statistics.



VHS, TPLO, TTA, HD, Norberg Olsson angle, Distraction Index, Willis Method, DAR angle.



Film Editor


Relevant Characteristics:

-Setting Save & Restore

-User Manage and Report

-Supported Format: 4/3-5/4-16/9-16/10

-Saving and comparing images from aux archive

-Based on Windows environment

-Multi Language support: any further language not available will be easily realized on demand

-Full support to a vast range of Detectors wired and wireless

-User Interface, logos and themes, completely customizable

-Proprietary advanced processing algorithms for image quality as:

Noise Reduction, Digital Subtraction, Contrast Stretching, Edge Enhancement, Zoom and Digital Rotation

-Customizable Pre-loaded Exam profile and pre-programmed APRs,

-Backup & Restore modality

-Integrated Dicom Viewer

-Patient data can be entered manually or automatically from the Worklist

-On screen visualization of Generator data, patient data and image data

-Integrable with PACS and DICOM system compliant


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